Rump Recipes

A succulent cut and excellent in it's versatility, the rump can be fantastic roasted, steak fried, or adapted into other various dishes.

These choice wild venison recipes sent to us by Raukumara Red fans. Please note these recipes are not our own and we therefore do not know their origin.

Spicy Paprika Venison.

TIME REQUIRED: Approx 2hours.

750g Raukumara Red venison (Shoulder or Rump)
2tbsp flour
1onion sliced
1clove garlic,crushed
Butter or oil
1cup beef stock
1tbsp paprika

Pre heat oven 170.C
Fry the onion and garlic with a little butter or oil until soft.
Put into casserole dish.
Shake pieces of venison in a plastic bag with flour and salt and pepper.
Brown venison in fry pan and add to casserole dish.
Pour stock into pan to deglaze. Add stock to casserole dish.
Toast paprika in a clean pan and add to casserole.
Cover and cook for 1-2 hours.
Serve with rice.

Boozy Venison.

TIME REQUIRED: Approx 2hours.

1kg Raukumara Red Venison. (Rump)
2tbsp flour.
600ml good dark beer.
1cup runny honey.
Salt and pepper.

Pre heat oven 150.C
Chop venison into bite sized chunks,shake in a plastic bag with flour and salt and pepper.
Fry chunks in a butter and oil in a hot pan until they are just browned.
Put venison in a casserole dish.
Dissolve the honey in the beer and pour over venison. Cook in oven for about 2hours,serve with potatoes and green beans.


New Zealand Wild Venison
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